Stellaris Origins Tier List 2023 (Best Origins)

Stellaris is a strategy video game released worldwide in 2016. You will need to send spaceships to explore the galaxies and discover new planets. You can make new alliances to defeat the opponents and build your galactic empire. You have to make a complete strategy and interact with others because diplomacy is the key to success. 

The best origin in tier S is Hegemon, and the best ones in tier A are Shattered Ring and Scion. Syncretic Evolution and Prosperous Unification are the most prominent origins in tier B. Mechanist, and Life Seeded ranks in tier C.

Table of Contents

    S Tier


    A Tier

    Shattered Ring
    Void Dwellers
    Common Ground

    B Tier

    Syncretic Evolution
    Prosperous Unification
    Post Apocalyptic

    C Tier

    Life Seeded
    Galactic Doorstep
    Calamitous Birth
    Lost Colony
    Tree of Life
    On the Shoulders of Giants
    Resource Consolidation

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