Storage Build Hacks in Minecraft

In this guide, you will find out 11 Storage Build Hacks in Minecraft. 

Table of Contents

    Working Fridge

    Here come some useful upgrades to how you store Stuff. Some of them are fun and decorative.

    Others focus more on the practical. Here’s a working fridge for your food. 

    Renaming Chest

    Why would renaming a chest be useful? Once you open it, you’ll see that you can use it to label storage sections. It helps keep your items organized. It’s especially useful for different items in the same category. 

    Transfer System

    You must know about the transfer system; it takes your storage system to the next level. This setup will depower the rail when the hopper isn’t empty.

    If the hopper is empty, the rail is powered. It can stop and transfer items to Minecraft. Imagine this being at the bottom of your mineshaft. You might want it against a stone wall. Here’s one way to make it pretty looking, simple, and elegant. This hopper should transfer items to the chest. The note blocks will help notify you about the transfer. When items are done being received, the note block will sound. 

    You would normally have a long rail between these two systems. Imagine this being at Your house or base. You might want to have it against an oak wall. Here’s a similar design to make it look better. You might also want to change the block behind the chest and how you can transfer items between these two stations. Place a Minecraft with a chest and set it into motion. Your rail should power the minecart, so it goes back and forth. 

    Let’s speed this up for the sake of demonstration. Once the hopper is loaded, it lets the minecart go. Now the other hopper unloads the minecart. This process is, of course, completely automatic. The sound notifies everyone around that a transfer is done. It is also very useful for multiplayer cooperation. 


    Build one in your mineshaft. You could also build it between your bases. 

    Display Case

    You can make a cool display case for your more valuable items. The item displayed gives you an idea of what’s stored. 

    Little Storage Room

    It’s super easy to create a secret little storage room. Just cover it up with a painting. It is truly a classic. 

    Label Chests

    It is probably the coolest way to label chests. It’s super detailed and clear. Make keeping track of 20 chests a lot easier.

    It is also a kind of way of labeling. But it’s a lot more decorative as well. Barrels full of resources. 

    This is also kind of way of labeling. But it’s a lot more decorative as well. Barrels full of resources. 

    There’s a huge looking slash or gold. 


    How that you know how to make a fridge. You might want to make the rest of the kitchen. Add lots of storage with barrels. They look like kitchen cabinets. 

    Furniture Pieces

    You need to add a couple of barrels when creating detailed furniture pieces. That way, your furniture will be useful. Signs can look like drawer fronts. 

    Storage Space

    If you’re a bit short on storage space. Use your walls. It saves space and can be accessed both inside and out. It can also be decorative. It does make thievery a little easier, though. 

    Camouflage Chests

    There are lots of ways to camouflage chests. This one is the simple closet.

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