Super Baby 2 BnB Combos & Basics Guide | DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ

This guide will provide you with Super Baby 2 BnB combos and basics in Dragon Ball Fighterz Season 3.5.

Baby’s 5L is pretty large but very unsafe on the block. 

The last hit of his auto combo is a grab, but it won’t connect from 5LL without specific setups. 2L is slow but has range and hits low.

His 2M is slightly slower than average and unsafe on block. 5M is extremely slow but goes almost half screen. The good part of this move is its frame data. Its startup will always leave a gap on the block, resulting in a natural frame trap. It’s-1 on the block, making it a crazy good stagger button. 

His 5H is good; it’s fast and has massive range and corner carry, to the point that a basic rejump will carry you from corner to corner. 2H is nothing special; it moves forwards, so it tends to whiff sometimes, especially in the corner. You can make it safe on the block with j236L. 

His 6H is quite interesting: It’s a multi-hitting beam property projectile that can jail into Vanish, but you have to be incredibly fast. There is a massive gap after the first and second hit, making it pretty useless on the block. It can set up for some silly tag combos, though.

5S, and it shoots 3 Ki Blasts that will return from offscreen if whiffed. 

Note: Any of his projectiles will not return if reflected or when Baby gets hit or blocks.

12/3S hails Ki Blasts down at various ranges. 1S stands in place and showers Baby, 25 takes a small step forward and goes half screen, and 3S takes a big step and goes full screen.

However, this one will return on hit and block, but not on reflection. 6S shoots a piercing projectile that will also return. It will drag enemies out of the corner on its way back, setting up some dirty cross-ups. 

L is angled downwards and works as a swift cross-up button. jM is your go-to jump-in button and works more reliably for cross-ups. jH is unique: hit launches the enemy upwards, requiring you to jump after them to confirm hits. It can be cancelled, replacing the standard 12H other characters have. His 12H launches horizontally and cannot be jump cancelled.

Parasite Takeover (22X, Air OK)

Baby gets access to the last KO’d enemy team member’s assists. By pressing Light, Medium or Heavy, you can select which assist you to want to call. It has considerable startup, though, so be careful. The usefulness of this move varies greatly. You can have both incredibly useful assists and completely worthless ones. There is no cooldown on this move, so if you KO a Base Goku, you can farm Meter like crazy.  

Interceptor Kick (2L) 

It is not an overhead, but it’s safe on block and gives sliding knockdown without having to switch sides. 

Revenge Driver (236X. Air OK) 

Series of Lariats/Divekicks. All versions are safe on block and ground bounce for assist extensions. The light version is mainly used for ending block strings safely and for combos. The medium version is used in basically all of Baby’s corner combos. The heavy version gives you a combo box ground bounce but can also be used as a very fast lariat to get in with an assist. I’m going to enjoy this! (214X, Air OK) Anti-air grabs that will side switch on hit. They have the same air-invincibility as 2H. 

The Light version goes at a steep angle and gives no knockdown. The medium version goes diagonally and provides a sliding knockdown. The Heavy version is nasty: It gives a ground bounce so you can combo off it, deals lots of damage, none of which is blue health, and it’s frame one air-invincible. It also spins the enemy for slightly too long, giving them time to think about their mistakes.

Revenge Final Flash (236S, Air OK)

It is very slow but more significant than the average beam. Grape flavoured Air OK, which is always nice.

Dark Springshot (214S, Air OK)

Baby’s answer to super dash. Has the same anti-air properties as 2H, and also sends out two projectiles that behave the same as 6S: they always return, except on reflection. The only issue is that it’s unsafe on the block if they dash up and mash Light. You can also Super dash before the Ki Blasts come out since there’s a gap too.

A Assist

5S on demand behaves just like the point version, as it returns on whiff. It is really fast and enables some cool combo routes.

B Assist 

It is a C-Assist in disguise, as it tracks anywhere on the screen and has a very good blockstun with a very long startup. Most of the time, it is the best assist choice.

C Assist 

A standard beam-type C-Assist that covers a slightly larger area due to the Baby’s size. 

Great Ape Assault (214H+S/R2) 

It is an extremely high damaging super. Similar to GT Goku, it has two versions. One with a full team and one for when one teammate is down. This one does a little bit more damage. (+150dmg raw/+24dmg scaled) There’s also a secret version of this super only accessible by using a special input ArcSys has sent me. 

Basic Safe Gapless Blockstring

jML > 5LL > 2M > 5H > 236L

5M Frametrap

Your first layer of pressure comes with 5M. It always leaves a gap on the block, resulting in a gap where the enemy can’t mash out

2L > 5LL > 2M5M > 5H > 236L 5M

However, this gap also means it can be reflected or reversed.

2L > 5LL > 2M5M > 5H > 236L 5M 

Luckily the following 5H forces a double reflect to get Baby off of you.

2L > 5LL > 2M5M > 5H

5M Pressure Reset 

Since it’s-Ion block, it is also an excellent pressure reset point. The enemy has to be mashing to get out of this.

2L > 5LL > 2M5M > 5LL > … 

You can discourage mashing here by slightly delaying the SH after 5M.

jML > 5LL > 2M5M(dl)5H > … 

To beat reflect, you can Dragon Rush or cross-up JM.

L> 5LL > 2M5M > DR > … 

Anti-Reflect String 

Inputting a short dash (66) before resetting your pressure will allow you to reflect-proof your blockstring L 25000.

2L5LL > 2M5M > 66 5LL > 5M5H 236L 

236M Frame Trap 

Replacing 236L with 236M at the end will also frametrap while still safe, but it will whisk against crouching enemies.

2L5LL > 2M5H > 236M 

It always works in the corner, though, and will allow you to combo on hit.

JML> 5LL > 2M5H > 236M > 2M5H >… 

Tick Throw 50/50

When you’re in the corner, your options are a lot stronger. First, a 50/50 setup using Acid Rain.

2L5LL > 2M5M > 5H > A1 > 25 > 

By slightly delaying the last hit of 5LLL until after the 25 hits, you can grab the enemy when you usually couldn’t.

2L5LL > 2M5M > 5H > A1 > 2S > SLL(DIL >

There has to be a small time frame where the enemy is not in blockstun for the grab to connect. It is what the 2S is for.

2L5LL > 2M5M > 5H > A1 > 2S > …  

To beat this, the enemy needs to mash hard. Unfortunately for them, you can still use our SM as a frame trap to punish them.

2L5LL > 2M5M > 5H > A1 > 25 > 5LL > 5M2M >… 

ll you think they will reflect, you can use 35 and block instead to react to their whiffed reflect.

2L5LL > 2M5M > 5H > A1 > 3S > (dl) 2M5M >… 

It will work with any assist since you only need it to keep yourself safe. The more blockstun, the better though to prevent getting happy birthdays.

– 2L5LL > 2M5M > 5H > A1 > 2S > 5LL(IL > … 

6S Usage 

Outside of tick throws, 6S can also pressure the enemy. It will frame trap but more importantly, boomerang back.

ML> 5LL > 2M5M > 5H6S > 236M 

You can use this to distract the enemy from a Dragon Rush or 6M. You will be able to combo off 6M too.

ML> 5LL > 2M5M > 5H > A1 > 6S > 66 DR/6M > 

It will also pull the enemy out of the corner, allowing for a really nasty surprise crossup.

M> 5LL > 2M5M > 5H > A1 > 65 > 96 JM > (land) 96 (dl) jM > …

j2L Knockdown 

Altera 2, slightly delay an airdash H to safe jump reversals and cover all tech options. If you get a hit in, be ready to jump to confirm. If they get hit on their uptech, you can’t confirm it meterless, unfortunately.

… j2L> (dl) 96 JH > … 

214S works better here, but it will require an assist with a decent amount of blockstun to be safe. You can 6M, DR or cross up, for example.

… j2L> 66 (dl) 214S > A1 > … 

Dragon Rush Knockdown 

Off an aerial DR, Baby can set up the tick throw from earlier on his own.

… > JDR > 2S > 5LL(d)L OR 5LL5M > … 

Alternatively, you can immediately 1214 and mash Light on the way down. Again covers Alltech options and gives you the same options as before.

… > JDR > j2145 > L > 5L > … 

Death Ball Mixup 

Following combo routes will put you behind the enemy, giving you a left/right mixup after Revenge Death Ball. The back dash auto-times the setup but is optional.

2L2M > 65 > 2145 > S > 35 > 2145 > j214L+M > 44 744 jm > … 

You can also go low after the back dash with 22, but this can be mashed out of.

> j214L+M > 44 744 2L >… 

Miscellaneous Tips 

Never use 2 to contest or poke. It’s too slow and will get you counter hit.

Most players will know about Baby 5M by now. So using it sparingly and relying on universal options to mix will be your best bet Because people are looking out for 5M so hard you can stagger 5L and SUL decently well too. By shifting the light or Medium grabs, you can get a fairly simple left/right mixup, but this isn’t too hard to block and will require an assist with decent blockstun. 


Midscreen BnB 

2250 dmg/3467 scaled105 Bar 

2M5M – jMH2H – SD – jLLLjcLL – j2L

You can end in ujault bzz for more damage, but it will switch sides.

Near Corner Ender 

4586 dmg/3627 scaled | +1.35 Bar

2M5M – jMH2H – SD – jLLLjcLL2H – jS2L

Mid-Corner Version 

4926 dmg/3891 scaled I +19 Bar For scaled dojMLLCLLL2H. Instead, You can swap SD with js for more damage & meter, but the DR will be harder to connect.

2M5M – jLLLjcLLL2H – SD – jM2H – jS – j236L – 6S – 214S – SD – DR

(For scaled do jMLLjcLLL2H instead. You can swap SD with jS, but the DR will be much harder to connect.)

Side Switch 

4422 dmg/3590 scaled

2M5M – 236H – 66 5L – 3S – SD – jLLLjcLL – j2L 

5H Rejump 

4095 dmg/3447 scaled | +1 Bar

5M2M – 5H – (dl) SD – 66 jM – (land) 669 jLLLjcLL – j2L

5H Rejump Near Corner 

5441 dmg/3826 scaled | +24 Bar Scaled route: MLSLL2M5H > ->236L> 65 2145 SD > DR

5M2M – 5H – (dl) SD – 66 jM – (land) 669 jLLLjcM2HS – j236L – 6S – 214S – (land) 2S6S – 214S – (dl) jS – DR

(Scaled route: jML – 5LL – 2M5H – … – j236L – 6S – 214S – SD – DR)

5H Near Corner

5115 dmg/4153 scaled | 225 Bar

5M2M – 5H – SD – jHjcLM2H – jS – j236L – 6S – 214S – 2S6S – 214S – (dl) jS – DR

Corner Loops Easy 

5214 dmg. 3905 scaled | +22 Bar For scaled skip 5M and the second 2M5H. 

2M5M – 236M – 2M5H6S – 214S – j236L – 2M5H6S – 214S – j236L – 6S – 214S – (dl) jS – DR

(For scaled, skip 5M and the second 2M5H.)

Corner BnB Optimal 

6058 dmg/4342 scaled +255Bar For scaled dojML> 5LLMO 236M>2M5M2s>.

2M5M – 236M – (dl) 2M5M5H – 2S – SD – jM2H – jS – j236L – (dl) 6S – 214S – (land) 2S6S – 214S – (dl) jS – DR

(For scaled skip 5M before 236M and 5H afterwards.)

Death Ball Mix Setup 1 Loop 

7288 dmg/5858 scaled 1-0.9 Bar Sets up the left/right mixup showcased earlier. For scaled skip 5 before 236M.

2M5M – 236M – (dl) 2M5M5H – 2S – SD – (dl) jM2H – jS – j236L – 6S – 214S – jS – 3S – 214S j214L+M

(For scaled skip 5M before 236M.)

Death Ball Mix Setup 2 Loops 

7830 dmg/6076 scaled -0.3 Bar Sets up the left/right mixup showcased earlier. For scaled skip 2M5M after 236M.

2M5M – 236M – (dl) 2M5M5H – 2S – SD – (dl) jM2HS – j236L – 6S – 214S – 2S6S – 214S – jS – 3S – 214S – j214L+M

(For scaled remove 2M5M after 236M.)

2H Punish/DR Route 

3713/3052 dmg +0.8/1.5 Bar Routes are the same, only damage differs.

2H/DR – SD – jLLLjcLLL – j214M

2H Punish Corner 

5116 dmgl 23 Bar

2H – SD – (dl)jHjcM2H – jS – j236L – 2S – SD – (dl) jHjcM2H – jS – j236L – 6S – 214S – (dl) jS – DR

DR Route Corner 

3811 dmg | 23 Bar 

DR – jHjcML2H – jS – j236L – 2S – SD – jLMjcLM – j2H – j2L

Superdash Confirm 

2595 dmg 1+0.7 Bar End in 214M or 2L, your choice.

SD – jLLLjcLLL – j214M

You can keep sides by ending in jcLL2L, but it will reduce the damage.

Superdash Confirm with 236H 

3613 dmg +0.2 Bar

SD – jLLLjcLLL – j236H – 5M3S – SD – jLLLjcLLL – j214M

Superdash Corner 

3417 dmg I +2.45 Bar

SD – jLLL2H – (dl) jS – j236M – 6S – 214S – 2S6S – 214S – jS – 6S – 214S – (dl) jS – DR

Vanish Confirm 

2270 dmg, as with the other combos, you can end in CLLL 214M to switch sides. You can also skip 2M and 5H for more consistency but less damage. 

Vanish – 66 2M5M5H – 3S – SD – jLLLjcLL – j2L

You can skip 2M and 5H for more consistency but less damage.

Assist Combo Example 1 

4961 dmgl +1.7 Bar 

5M2M – 5H – (dl) SD – 66 jM – (land) 669 jLLLjcLLL – j236M – A1 – 6S – 214S – SD – DR

Assist Combo Example 2 (Stolen Tracking Assist) 

5589 dmg 1-0.05 Bar

2H – 22H – 6S – 66 5L5H6S – 214S – j236L – 5M2S – SD – jLLLjcLL2H – j236L – 236L+M

Assist Combo Example 3 

8294 dmg | -3 Bar 

2M5M – jMH2H – SD – jLLLjcLLL – j236M – A1 – 66 2S – SD – jLLLjcLL – j236L – A2 – 214S – Vanish – 66 (dl) 214M – (whiff Vanish) 214H+S

2 Bar 2M Starter TOD

2M5M – jMHjcMH – j236M – Sparking – 2M5M – jMHjcLL – j236L – A1 – SD – jMHjcLL – j236L – A2 – DR – 214M – Lvl1 Lvl 1 Lvl3.

0.5 Bar Positive Limit Break TOD

5H – 236S – Sparking – 2M5M5H – 2S – sjLLLjcM2HS – j236L – 6S – 214S – jS – 3S – 214S – Vanish – 5M – jDR – 214H+S

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