Super Smelter Guide – Minecraft

In this guide, you’ll learn how to make Super Smelter in Minecraft

Material List:

You’d need the following materials.

6 Chests

4 Hoppers

15 Furnaces

4 Pistons

4 Repeaters

2 Slabs

1 Redstone Torch

24 Building Blocks

1 Lever

34 Redstone

To make the Super Smelter in Minecraft, you’ll have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Place a double chest down.

Step 2: Connect 2 hoppers to the back of this chest.

Step 3: Now, place a normal piston facing up next to the right side of the hoppers.

Step 4: Skip one block right here and pillar up by 4 blocks.

Step 5: Go down and place a piston in this position.

Step 6: Just like this.

Step 7: Place a block right here.

Step 8: Break these blocks.

Step 9: We are now going to do the Redstone part.

Step 10: Place a lever and Redstone torch on these positions.

Step 11: Now go on top, you can do this by using temporary blocks.

Step 12: Place a repeater facing this way.

Step 13: Place a Redstone dust behind this piston.

Step 14: You should have a working clock right now.

Step 15: We now have to set our Redstone repeater to 3 ticks (click 2 times).

Step 16: Place temporary blocks and placed 2 solid blocks in these positions.

Step 17: Also place 2 blocks over here.

Step 18: Extend this by 9 more blocks.

Step 19: Make a stair like this.

Step 20: Place a block right here.

Step 21: I am making the area a little bit flatter.

Step 22: Now, place blocks right here.

Step 23: Place a piston facing this way. You can remove the block in the back.

Step 24: Go on top and place a block right here.

Step 25: Place another piston facing down.

Step 26: Go back to this site.

Step 27: Place the Redstone like this.

Step 28: Make sure to add one tick on this repeater.

Step 29: Place Redstone like this.

Step 30: Place 9 Redstone from here.

Step 31: Place a repeater and a Redstone dust.

Step 32: Place 7 Furnaces right here.

Step 33: Remove this Redstone temporarily.

Step 34: Place 8 furnaces like this.

Step 35: Make sure to place the Redstone back.

Step 36: Go to this site and place 2 slabs right here.

Step 37: Place a hopper connected to this furnace.

Step 38: Go up using temporary blocks.

Step 39: Place a double chest on top of this hopper.

Step 40: Place another hopper with a double chest right here.

Step 41: Place 2 Redstone dust on the slabs and one on the piston.

Step 42: This is where we are going to insert all the items and fuel.

Step 43: The last thing you will have to do is to place a block right here with Redstone dust.

Step 44: This will make sure that the chest will only put items in the furnace when it’s on.

Step 45: Our smelter is done I am now going to explain how it works.

Step 46: The lever is used as an on/off switch.

Step 47: All the furnaces will rotate and get filled by the chests on the right.

Step 48: Put your fuel in your lower chest and your items in your top chest.

Step 49: Once you have done that simply flick the lever to start the smelter.

Step 50: All furnaces will rotate and get filled by the furnace.

Step 51: If you want to collect the XP turn the smelter off and collect the items.

Step 52: All your smelted items will go in this lower chest.