Surge With Gears in Solo Showdown – Brawl Stars

In this guide, you are going for some new gears for Surge, buying his new skin, and showing how OP it is in showdown! 

Which gear should you buy for Surge? 

Surge is a slow brawler when he starts the game, so you must choose the speed gear for him. It’s perfect, especially when he evolves when he becomes faster, then the speed in rushes help!

The second gear you should buy for Surge is the damage gear; it’s perfect when you love to play aggressive brawlers. Surge often gets low in health and can benefit from the extra damage in these moments. That’s strong!

What makes Surge so strong? Surge is strong and consistent in the solo showdown and other game modes, his gadget at number one, and his star powers. The gadget is a free kill opportunity.

Surge is very rewarding and extremely strong when you play him aggressively. His super is also the perfect defense against any tank that wants to attack.

Sometimes you get into clutch situations, and using walls to bounce your side shots off is what you should do. It can seem like a bad idea, but it has saved me so many times and has helped me finish a clutch kill many times.

When you enter bushes, especially with the speed Surge gear, you must keep his super button pressed whenever someone targets you because if you enter their space, you can instantly defend super.

Let’s go HAM on everyone with Surge. 

Mortis with shield and damage gear is broken.

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