Survivalist Challenge – Catch a Fish That Weighs at Least 19 Lbs: RDR2

Survivalist 9: Catch A Fish That Weighs At Least 19 Lbs.

You will need to complete “A Fisher Of Men” (Chapter 2) as a prerequisite, and the rewards of this challenge are 150 Stamina XP and $20.

In this guide, you will find a way to complete the challenge in Red Dead Redemption 2. 

With the exception of the legendary fish, 5 species weigh over 19 Lbs.

They are the Muskie and Lake Sturgeon (Lake), the Northern Pike (River), the Longnose Gar, and Channel Catfish (Swamp).

The easiest way to complete the challenge is by catching a legendary fish. But if you have already caught them all, there’s still a chance.

You have to make your way to the Pier on the Kamassa River at Fishing Spot, in Lemoyne, west of Lagras.

And equip the fishing rod, use a swamp lure and activate the Eagle Eye while holding the fishing rod to see the big catfish.

Once you find one, you need to cast the line towards the fish and hope for the best.

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