Survivalist Challenge – Catch fish in the Bayou & on railroad tracks : RDR2

Survivalist 5: Catch A Fish While Boating In The Bayou And While Standing On Railroad Tracks. 

As a prerequisite, you will need to complete “A Fisher Of Men” (Chapter 2); its rewards are 50 Stamina XP and $10.

This guide will let you know how to complete the Survivalist 5 challenge in Red Dead Redemption 2. 

For the first objective, you can either use a boat or a canoe.

You will need to roam around the Kamassa River to find one, docked or used, get on it and start fishing.

For the second objective, you have to reach Bayall Edge in the Bayou Nwa area, stand on the railroad tracks and start fishing.

Make sure you are in the Bayou Nwa area and that you’re standing on the train tracks; otherwise, the objective won’t unlock.

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