*Swap Characters* RDR2 Save Editor (Red Dead Redemption 2) PS4

This guide will let you know about the new feature “Swap Characters”.

  • Open Save Wizard and click on the marked arrow icon, then click on Manual Save and then click on Advanced Mode.

  • Click on the Export file.

  • Click on the file that you want to export and then click on Save.

  • After that, click on Save Editor and then open the exported file/that you want edit.

  • Click on the file and then click on Open.

  • Click on Character, unlock the features that you want to apply and lastly click save the file by clicking on the SAVE FILE.

  • Click on the Import File.

  • Click on the file and then click on Open.

  • As the file exports, press 0, a window will pop up like this, click on Continue.

  • After that, you will need to click on Apply.

  • Launch the game, explore the features and enjoy.


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