Sweet Dreams – Where To Find Your Equipment In Cyberpunk 2077

In this guide, you will come to know how to find your equipment and how to get through the side mission Sweet Dreams in Cyberpunk 2077. It’s a high-level mission in the game. 

You will first need to make your way to this guy standing outside the shop, as you can see in the image below.  

Now you have to speak to him, and he will offer to sell you a brain dance, and you have to buy it to get this mission. If you want it free, you have to leave the place and then return to get it free.

After getting the mission, you will find yourself in a room, as shown in the image below. 

Now you have to use the Ping as it will show you, everyone, on the map. You will find a mam near the wall, so you have to knock him down and pick up his needle.

After that, you need to open the door next to him. When you enter the door, you will find another guy working on the machine. You have to dodge him and head to the next room, as shown in the image below.

After entering the next room, you will find some enemies; you have to distract the enemies by moving the fan.

Now you have to hide behind the pillar so that they will not see you. You will find a locker, and you need to grab all the stuff from that locker through which you will get your credit back.

After that, hide behind the pillar and put on the stuff which you get from the locker.

Now you have to head to the next room located on the right side.

You will need to equip the Ping and make your way towards the door. After getting there, you will spot the enemy, so you have to knock them down.

After that, you have to go to the next room on the left. You will spot some enemies out there; you have to knock out one standing just next to the door. 

You have to head towards the hallway where you will find another enemy, so kill him and pass through the door on the right. 

Knock one more down there, head straight towards the end of the hallway, and you will find a lift. Enter the lift and escape the Scav hideout.

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