Sword Locations in King Legacy

This guide will provide you with all the newly added swords in Roblox King Legacy 2.16. 

You can get a Sunken Blade by defeating a Sunken vessel in a new world on Loaf island. The drop chance of getting it from a Sunken vessel is 5%, making it a difficult sword to obtain.

You can also get a sword by defeating the Biscuit man.

You can get a cookie sword by defeating this boss with a 5% drop chance. Moreover, you can also get accessory biscuit shoulder with a -3% sword damage buff from this boss.

You can get Metal Trident by defeating dough master Katakuri. Metal trident is an epic sword with a 1% drop chance, making it difficult to obtain.

You can also get blue scart from this boss with -5% fruits damage & -10% fruit damage reduction buff. 

Kioru can be obtained by completing all the missions from the tiger in Loaf island behind the set spawn person and buying it from him.

You will need to be at the max level, which is 3300, to take the quest from the tiger and 25m beli to buy the sword.

The first quest is that you have to defeat Cappa in Viridans.

Then defeat Anubis and Flame users in Dead Tundra.

After that, you will need to defeat the sunken vessel, biscuit man, and dough master Katakuris.

Once you finish the quest, move back to tiger, and buy the Sword Kioru for 25m beli.

Acroscyth can be obtained by defeating the Sea Beasts.

You can get this sword in your chest after you defeat the sea beast, with the highest rarity being in tier 3 chest with a 0.1% drop chance making it the rarest sword in the game.

You can get a phoenix blade by defeating Ms. Mother on the lost island inside the castle.

You can also get accessories from defeating this boss: the flame hair that gives -7.5% fruit damage.

You can only obtain this sword hunter blade from getting 10m bounty before the bounty reset in update 2.

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