Sword Special Moves in Super Doomspire

This guide will provide you with all the special sword moves in Super Doomspire.

First up, there is Lunge which is a move that does 35 damage and makes a quick movement forward; this makes Lunge great for mobility and attack.

There are also different Lunge variants, such as shadow blade, which gives a larger lunge and longer reload and more damage, or Excalibur, a super short lunge.

The next one is Great Spin from the greatsword, which does a staggering 60 damage and has an extensive range.

It can also give an aerial boost and can knock people back away from you.

After that, Home Run is a special move that gives a long period of ragdoll and gives you a speed boost for a while and doing 50 damage.

This move is harder to use since your movement speed is as slow as almost nothing, so you need to sneak up on someone or give yourself a boost to them.

Many times this isn’t just used to kill but could be used to get the speed boost.

Another move is called Mega smack, which gives a short period of ragdoll time. It is a quick 25 Damage move.

Next up, there is Frost Cutter, a move that does 35, and it gives you chilled, which makes it super difficult to move. Frost cutter can be helpful to keep people from getting away. 

The next special move is named Flame Cutter, which does 45 damage and burns you for a bit. It is much like the lava in the lava map, but instead, the lava does 40 damage, but it still burns.

The last special move is the Tennis Racket that shoots a tennis ball and gives a short period of a ragdoll with 20 damage. It may provide the person who used to serve to get a free hit.

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