Tara Guide – Brawl Stars

This guide will provide you with all the details, tips and tricks about Tara in Brawl stars. These tricks and tips will help you out while playing the game with Tara. 

Tara is a mythic brawler, and she attacks with the trump cards. If you attack the enemy at close-range, the cards will give more damage, but if you attack in long-range, her attacks are not very effective. 

When she is supercharged and uses her super, she will throw a shadow that depends upon her star power if you have the star power. If you have the first star power, “Black Portal, ” her shadow will attack the opponent. The second start power, “Healing Shed” will give you four hundred HP of power, which is very beneficial. 

If you don’t have the star power, you cannot bring out the shadow from your super, and if you get two or more than two enemies in your super, then your super will charge faster and get very effective. If you have only two ammo left and you use your super, you can easily kill any enemy because two ammo is enough to kill the enemy while using super.

She has two gadgets; the first gadget only helps in grass maps because when you use your gadget, you can see your teammates and opponents when you are in the grass for a short period. The second gadget emits three shadows, and then these three shadows will work on the first star power and attack the opponents for six seconds only.  

Tara is a close combat brawler because her source of the attack is very effective in close-range, and its super charges fast compared to others. Tara cannot counter Shelly unless Tara doesn’t have super, and she cannot counter Primo. If you are playing with Tara in close combat, you have to make sure that the tank has less power, and when Tors come, you can only pick a fight with them when you use super. Without super, you don’t have to fight with them, so you have to get the brawler down; otherwise, you will get out from him.  

When playing with Tara, you have to select the map with walls because the walls give tara a big advantage. She can use these walls to attack the enemies by hiding behind the walls. Otherwise, if you play in the open, she may not affect the enemy as much as behind the walls. If you are playing on an open map and there is a lot of grass, you have to select her first star power to spot the enemy within the grass and then kill the enemies. If there is an open map, you have to use the second star power because it will heal you consistently, which will help you a lot.  

Now the best game mode to play with Tara is Brawlball, and second is Gem Grab; you can also use it with other maps while having first star power and second gadget but the best map is Brawlball to play with Tara.  

The most broken combination of Tara is with Ench and Gin.

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