TasteMaker: Restaurant Simulator – Controls Guide

TasteMaker is a fully interactive restaurant simulator. It’s not just about cooking food and serving your customers, you will need to build, maintain and expand your restaurant if you want it to succeed. Buy more land by using the in-game cash and grow your restaurant. 

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play TasteMaker: Restaurant Simulator.

Pan UpWPress W to Pan Up
Pan LeftAPress A to Pan Left
Pan DownSPress S to Pan Down
Pan RightDPress D to Pan Right
Rotate ItemRPress R to Rotate Item
Rotate Camera RightEPress E to Rotate Camera Right
Rotate Camera LeftQPress Q to Rotate Camera Left
Speed 11Press 1 to Use Speed 1
Speed 22Press 2 to Use Speed 2
Speed 33Press 3 to Use Speed 3
PauseSpacebarPress Spacebar to Pause
Floor UpPage UpPress Page Up to Floor Up
Floor DownPage DownPress Page Down to Floor Down
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