Taxidermy Guide for ARK: Extinction

This guide will provide you with all the details of Taxidermy in ARK: Extinction. You will also learn how to craft it. 

Taxidermy becomes available when you reach level 10 and the small taxidermy base. To make this tool, you need Flintstone and wood, and you need stone, thatch and wood to make it a small taxidermy base.

You can make both of these in your inventory, so there’s no need for smithy to make them. The taxidermy tool is used to get dermises off bodies; you can skin the animals with this tool and then decorate your place using these skins.

To skin the animal, you need to select the taxidermy tool, left-click on the PC, and then see that you have successfully got the animal’s demise from the animal. You have to place the base down, then take the demise and place it into the demise slot of the base, as shown in the image below.  

The taxidermy tool didn’t require any resources when you harvest a demise. Once you do the harvesting, you can also harvest additional hide and meat using other tools. So go to your base, and there you can place multiple demises into the base and some other resources.

There are two more bases available at level 21: the medium taxidermy base and the large taxidermy base is available at level 32. You can craft all of these bases in your inventory, as shown in the image below.  

If the creature you are mounting can use a saddle, you can find a saddle slot and place a saddle in it. There is also a costume slot through which you can make your creature look like a skeleton. 

The three different side bases will rescale whatever you place onto them; if you place a small creature on a larger base, it will automatically increase its size, and if you place the large animal onto a small base, it will be smaller. So it doesn’t matter what size of creature you have; it will automatically adjust the size according to the base.


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