Team Compositions to Climb Ranked in Apex Legends

This guide will learn about the three team compositions to climb ranked in Apex Legends. You will also learn the abilities and gameplay with these team compositions in Apex Legends season 8. 

There will be three compositions, and the first is “Standard.”

This composition consists of horizon bloodhound and also Gibraltar. If you use this composition, the flexibility will provide you with multiple different play styles, and with the Horizon, you can have mobility and a stronghold. 

Bloodhound gives you ring knowledge and a lot of information in the fight. Gibraltar is a support legend that can fast reset fights and protect third parties. Using this team composition, you will get early KP by having an early battle on your draw spot, as shown in the image below.

The second team composition is “Super Aggressive.”

This composition involves fast rotations, getting into fights and finishing them, and rotating out before third parties come to you. You will use Wraith, Horizon, and Pathfinder. Compared to the other two, it is a risky composition because you don’t have any support legend, but if you finish the fights quickly, you will soon leave before anyone understands and sees you. 

With all these three legends combined, you can have high-speed mobility and rotations with this composition; you need to look for third parties and then fight with them and find the other one’s and finish them before anybody notices you, as shown in the image below. 

The third composition is “Cancer.”

In this composition, you will use Revenant, Octane, and BloodHound, or you can also use Crypto. With this team composition, you have to fight with third parties. It would be best to wait for your intimates to reach full in the fights, and Totem will fight. 

If you win, then it will be good, and if you are all sent back, then you cannot beat the fight, so you have to leave that location and go back until your combos rise to the top again, so you need first to land safely and then do your loot as fast as possible and then go and find the third parties and fight with them. With this, you can quickly get KP and placement points, as shown in the image below.

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