Teleport Via Missions – GTA Online Teleport Glitch Guide

This guide will let you know about the Teleport glitch via missions. And you will not get banned by this new glitch.

Teleport In Free Mode

First of all, you will need to go to the pause menu, then go to the online tab. Set the “matchmaking” to closed.

Make sure the missions are not hidden on the map. If they are hidden you will need to set them to show. Now all the missions are on the map.

Now you just have to choose any way you like to get there.

Here for example, select a mission near that place and start it.

As soon as the mission pops up, you should spam right click and then enter to quit the mission.

You are here!

You can go to any place you would like. Let try another one. This one may be on the outer side of the map.

Start spamming right click then enter to quit. It should be L2 in the console.

It doesn’t matter how fast you do it. You just have to do it before the screen hits the ground. If you do it after hitting the ground, you will not teleport and it works like normal. Your personal cars will teleport with you too. Here is your car.

That’s done. In the next part of the guide, we are gonna use this teleport for CEO or VIP missions.

Teleport In CEO, VIP, And Prep Missions

Mainly when you join GTA online in underground places such as; kosatra, arcade, nightclubs, etc.

The missions do not pop up on the map. Even if you set it to show. For making them appear again, you just have to get out of that place once and re-enter.

Go inside now to start missions.

Here are the missions.

Before starting your VIP or prep mission you have to launch this mission.

Normally it is not on your map. You should add it to your bookmarks. Here is the link.


An alert pops up, click ok and you will get back where you were. Now start your own prep.

But why warp mission? If you do not launch the activity warp before starting your mission, this happens. All missions disappear except these.

Now do your mission.

Jobs With Different Teleport Locations

Sometimes when you launch a mission, it teleports you to some other place on the map. For example, you have to choose another mission near that place.

You just

Problem With This Glitch

In some preps, you have to collect an item and deliver it to the destination.

Unfortunately, these items do not teleport with you. The fingerprint scanner is an example. The item will drop as soon as you launch a mission.

Teleport For Casino Heist Preps

This is another use of this teleport on casino heist preps.

The teleport works on heists too, but it is not suggested. Because sometimes you will teleport out of bounds.

One Easy Way For Going To Private Session

Most people when they want to go to a private session, just quit online and use the offline menu to go to private.

But there is a faster way for it. You can go to creator mode and head from there to the private.


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