Terraria – Furthest Reaching Hooks Comparison

This guide will provide you with a comparison between the best Hooks in Terraria. You will get you to know which are the furthest reaching hooks in the game.

Web Slinger15.625You can find Web-Slinger in chests in the spider nest underground biome.
Amethyst Hook18.75It is crafted with 15 Amethyst.
Grappling Hook18.75The players can craft it with 3 chain + 1 hook or purchase it from a goblin tinkerer.
Slime Hook18.75The king slime drops the slime hook; it is a pre hardmode grappling hook.
Squirrel hook19You can purchase it from Zoologist.
topaz hook20.625The topaz hook is crafted with 15 topaz.
Skeletron hand21,875 It is a pre harmode grappling hook dropped by skeleton.
Sapphire hook22.5You can craft a Sapphire hook with the help of 15 sapphires.
Emerald Hook24.375It is crafted with 15 emeralds.
Candy Cane hook25You can obtain Candy Cane hook by opening presents during the Christmas event. It is a rare pre-hard mode grappling hook.
fish hook25You can obtain The Fish hook via quest reward from the Anglor.
Ruby hook26.25The players can craft it with 15 ruby.
Amber Hook27.5You can craft the Amber Hook with the help of 15 amber.
Dual hook27.5It has a 16.67% chance of being dropped by mimics.
Ivy Whip28It is an upgraded form of the grappling hook.
Diamond Hook29.125The Diamond hook is the highest-tier gem hook. It is a grappling hook crafted using 15 diamonds.
Hook of dissonance30It is a hard mode grappling hook dropped by queen slime with 33.33%.
Thorn hook30Plantera thorn hook, it is a hard mod hook.
llluminant hook30This hook has a 25% drop chance from the hallowed mimic.
Worm hook30Corrupt mimics drops the worm hook, and it is a hard mode hook.
Tendon hook30The Tendon hook drops from the crimson mimic.
Bat hook31.25You can get the bat hook by opening a goodie bag, and it is a rare pre-hard mode grappling hook.
Anti-Gravity hook31.25It is a late hard mode grappling hook obtained during the martian madness event.
spooky hook34.375Mourning wood drops the spooky hook during the pumpkin moon event, and it is a hard mode grappling hook.
Christmas Hook34,375It is a post planters grappling hook dropped by every scream during the frost moon.
Lunar Hook34,375It is an endgame grappling hook crafted from the lunar Fragments.
Static Hook37.5The Steamunker sells the static hook for 50 gold, and it is a hard mode grappling hook.
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