Terraria Server Commands (Cheat Codes)

The Terraria game was released in 2011 and it turned out to be an instant hit. This is an action adventure game which offers crafting, exploration, fighting and much more to the players. That’s why it has a huge replay value, you can play with your friends and family to have a great fun. If you like base building sandbox creative games, then this is the best one for you. Terraria is really an epic game to kill your idle hours.

The server command helps you to alter the setting of the game or server. It gives you the option to change the game time, password or you can also kick any particular player from the game. Additionally, there are some features that can be performed by executing the server commands.

Terraria Server commands

midnightThis comand is used to change the time to midnight 12:00 am.
duskThis comand is used to change the time to dusk 07:30 pm.
noonThis server command will changes the time to noon 12:00 pm.
dawnThis comand is used to change the time to dawn 04:30 am.
motd This server command will change MOTD.
motdThis comand is used to print MOTD.
say A global message for all the players in the server in yellow.
timeThis comand is used to see the game time.
password This server command will helps you to change the password.
settleThis comand is used to settle all the water
passwordYou can use this command to see the password.
ban This command will ban a specified player form the game server.
kick You can kick out a specific player using this command.
saveThis comand is used to save the game.
exit-nosaveThis server command will exit the server without saving.
exitThis comand is used to exit the server after saving.
clearThis server command will clear the console window.
playingThis comand is used to displays the list of players.
helpThi command will display the list of all available server commands.
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