The Anacrusis Tier List 2023 (Best Weapons)

The Anacrusis AI Driver is an intelligent opponent that controls every aspect of the game. It can spawn any enemy, direct any boss, and place any weapon, gadget, or health kit. You control your skill level with a variety of difficulty settings. The game includes classic sci-fi weapons like shotguns and grenade launchers.

The weapons in The Anacrusis are categorized into different tiers. The most popular weapon in tier SS is The SMB and The Arc Rifle. The Plasma Rifle and The Blaster are the best weapons in tier S. The most powerful weapons in tier A are Auto-Turret and The Pistol.

SS Tier

The Arc RifleSS
Laser RifleSS

S Tier

The Plasma RifleS
The BlasterS

A Tier

The Auto-TurretA
The PistolA
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