The Bank Contract SOLO Guide – GTA 5 Online

This guide will let you know how to complete the Bank Contract Missions in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. Go through the guide and follow the step-by-step instructions to complete it. 

For the first prep mission, “Thermal Charges”, you will need to go to two different locations, the first location is in Grape Seed, and the other one is in Sonora Desert. When you get to the location, you will see that the police is shooting on some random gang members, as shown in the image below.  

There, you have to find the thermal charge bag and steal it. After that, go to the next location and steal the second thermal charges bag. Now you need to go back to your outer shop, and also, you will have to lose the cops; it will complete your first mission.

The next mission will be Signal Jammers; you will need to plant the signal jammers in different banks, and the best route to place the signal jammers is shown in the map below.

These signal jammers will give you two minutes to not have any cops near you. You need to take the jammer from the car’s back and then plant these jammers in the six different bank locations of Fleeca Bank, as shown in the image below.  

For the final mission, you will need to use Hustler as your Weapon Loadout because the bullpup rifle is the best weapon for this mission, and you also need to use a bulletproof car for this mission Jester RR. 

You have to go to all six bank locations of Fleeca Bank, where you plant the jammers and rob all of them. To rob the bank, you will need to use the thermal charge on the vault door to unlock, and then you need to go inside and vault and steal all of the cash and head towards the next location.

You need to follow the route to rob all six Fleeca Banks and get the cask from the vault. After robbing the last bank, you will find a location on your minimap where you need to hand over all the money in that location that you steal from the bank to complete the mission. Also, you will need to lose the cops before you deliver the cash. 

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