The Best Aim Controller Settings for Battlefield 2042

This guide will find you the best aim controller settings for Battlefield 2042. You can follow these settings to have the best aim. 

First, you will need to press the Options button from the controller to open the menu and navigate to the controller tab from the top by pressing the R1 button. In the controller settings, you have to go to the on-foot tab, and change the soldier aim sensitivity to 40 because it will control inputs when aiming with the controller.

After that, you need to adjust your field of view to 70, which will be similar to a hundred field view, and change your aim assist to a hundred. Now you need to scroll down and tap over to soldier zoom aim sensitivity, and this will fine-tune the aiming sensitivity of the soldier weapon while in the zoom, so you need to change it to eighty.

After that, scroll down, go to the advanced section, and find the labor acceleration option there; you need to change it to ten. For the vertical aim, you need to set it to seventy because it will adjust the ratio of vertical aim to horizontal aim for the soldier. And then set a hundred ratio in vertical zoom ratio, as shown in the image below.  

You also need to turn off the uniform soldier aiming option. For the aiming sensitivity, you have to set lower values for close ranges and change 10x zoom to 105 because it will make your snipper faster. If someone runs across your screen, you will not be able to track them. 

After that, tap over to the vehicles tab and change “aim sensitivity” to forty, the same as previous. Then for the third-person vehicle field of view, you have to set it to 70. Now you need to set your tank aim sensitivity, summer aim sensitivity, and your transport vehicle freelook sensitivity to ninety to stay on target.

Next, you will need to tap over to controller tuning and turn off your controller vibration. For the left stick, you have to set your dead zone to seven and change the max input to a hundred. You have to change your center dead zone to five; for the L2 dead zone, you need to set it to zero. For the L2 max input, you need to set it to seventy so that you don’t have to press the right thumbstick or left thumbstick to get max speed in the vehicle. 

After that, tap over to accessibility and turn on the color blind mode to allow you to see enemies easier and tell your team where they are located. You have to tap over to the general tab and turn off your camera shake because it will be difficult to aim while running. If you want to play the game with a better experience, you have to turn off the crossplay option in the other section. 

Now you have to tap over to the video tab and set the motion blur to fifty to see everything accurately. Also, you need to turn off chromatic aberration, film grain, vignette, and lens distortion. 

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