Best Console Sensitivity Settings for Star Wars Battlefront II

This guide will provide you with the best console sensitivity settings for Star Wars Battlefront II

First, you will need to go to the settings options and tap on the general settings menu. You have to select and change the first three options to “No”, as shown in the image below.  

Now for the soldier sprint settings you need to Toggle to sprint instead of holding it down, for the zoom hold settings you need to select the hold option and if you select toggle option then you have to press the zoom and then press again the zoom out which is not a quick way to zoom so you have to select the hold option. As shown in the image below 

Now for the zoomed sensitivity you have to change it to 45 percent because it will help you while zoomed with a weapon. Now in the controller section, you have to change the soldier sensitivity 40 to 45 percent. For the starfighter response curve you need to select 50 to 60 percent as shown in the image below 

And other settings will be default if you want to change it then you can also customize them with your gameplay.

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