Best Oddball Strategy in Halo Infinite

This guide will provide you with the best Oddball Strategy in Halo Infinite. 

It is a strategy in the other halos as well. It is simply to stay near an area where you can jump or drop the oddball out of bound while it is in your possession, of course.

If you know that you can’t survive the enemy advances, you can either drop the oddball into the out-of-bounds or jump with it yourself.

Doing this will force the oddball to reset and spawn back at its original starting point, therefore not in the enemy’s hands. Coordinating with a team can make this strategy very powerful.

For example, if three enemy players come for the oddball user, who has just one teammate with them (Other teammates can Still support for afar), they can hold out for as long as possible and then drop the ball into the abyss. The other two teammates should be ready to get the respawning oddball.

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