The Best Way To Farm Iron In Frostborn | Get Rich Easily

This brief guide will tell you the best way to farm IRON In Frostborn and Get Rich Easily! In Frostborn: Coop Survival.

You can use five pickaxes, a weapon breaker for safety, broken armor, traps, and healings.

As you are going to the PVP zone, safety is really important for this.

Starting from the red zone. Any mode you can choose, selecting solo first.

Wherever you see a troll, leave him and move forward.

Now with the friend’s mode. First thing first, you have to switch to aggressive off mode.

Always in a sneak mode, not to show you in minimap.

No need to attack. You are here to farm, so you should keep a safe distance.

There’s no need to go middle of the zone, just farm from the side.

Kill and get free items when they come close to you.

So go 72 iron ore from here; if you could manage to do single-mode, it would double.

The next is the yellow zone, and the process is the same. The first single, then with friends mode or vice versa.

Most of the time, you will get free items from the bot and sometimes from real players.

Leave when you are down and then farm in another mode.

So from 3 zones (red with friends, yellow single & friends)

You can get 153 iron ore.

You can clear no PVP green but not enough.

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