The Ceremony Quest Guide – Disney Dreamlight Valley

In this guide, you will find out how to complete the Ceremony Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

First of all, you will need 50 stones which are easy to find and 10 iron ingots. For 10 ingots, you need 50 iron ores. You can just get iron ore from the Glade of trust and the forest of Valor you can also get it in the Frosted Heights.

When you get the iron ore, you need to go to the crafting table and craft your ingots.

After that, go to Moana’s realm. If you click the map you can fast travel to Moana’s Realm. There, you need to find three conches.

You can also go there if you need coconuts and bananas.

Once you have collected all three, you have to craft the honored place.

And then place it near Moana’s house.

After that, put 4 leader Shard on it. That’s it, the quest is completed.

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