The Deposit Robbery For Beginners

In this brief guide, you will get to know about an easy robbery for the beginners in Roblox.

The mission is “The Deposit”.

Make the robbery rookie, so gear does not cost anything.

Now get anything you want. Remember to get the best armour. Also, get a drill and health kits if you need. And start the game.

First drop your bag and get some gears from it. Then go around to the back and grab the red bag.

Go towards the front again and enter the building. Hold F on the target.

Now go upstairs and kill the ones coming in front of you. Enter the room in the upper portion and search the archives until you find the box number.

You don’t need to worry about the SWAT because they do little damage with your armour on. You can kill them quite easily.

Once you find the box number, go back down. Find the box number on the left side of your screen and drill it.

Hit F to take the stash. Now go to the lobby and plant another thermite.

When it is finished go into the whole and escape easily.

Here are the details of “The Deposit”- Rookie

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