The Disruptor is VERY Underrated in Halo Infinite

In this guide, you will learn what Disruptor brings into the game. 

It takes six shots from the Disruptor to kill a spartan as it has DOT damage after hitting three shots.

This Damage Over Time (DOT) is very useful as it prevents enemy shields from regenerating for over 10 seconds.

The name ‘Disruptor’ is very fitting as it can apply DOT to other enemies nearby because of the lightning chains.

The best way to use this gun is to land six shots on an enemy and then run away and focus on other enemies or objectives.

To Emp Vehicles, it takes seven shots.

Finally, land just three shots on an enemy and let the lightning and chaos ensue to them and other enemies nearby. Also, the teammates can clean up. 

This gun arguably has the most value and utility out of all the guns in the game.

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