The Dreamlight Fountain Quest Guide – Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Dreamlight Fountain Quest Guide In Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

In this guide, you will find out how to do the Dream Light Fountain quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

The first thing you will need to do is follow Donald to the sunlight plateau and he will take you to the campsite. After that, you have to search the campsite.

You’ll find an item near the ribs and you need to show Donald what you found. After that, find the second campsite in the forgotten lands.

It is shown on the map.

Dig around and you’ll find memory. You need to show it to Donald.

Then you have to make a dreamlight fountain. For that, you will need a bunch of things, stone, iron ingots, soil, hardwood, and clay. So the stone is found everywhere, iron ingots are found in the glade of trust if you just mine the stones that look like in the image.

Soil is found in the ground when you dig up anywhere. Hardwood is found in the forest of valor and the glade of trust mostly and clay is found in the glade of trust. You just dig up those areas.

After getting everything, you will need to craft the dreamlight fountain.

So go to the crafting table and craft it.

Now meet Donald in the forgotten lands, give him the fountain, and then you need to place a celebration ribbon and take a selfie.

After that, talk to Donald to complete the quest.

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