The Dynamo Grenade is the Best Grenade in Halo Infinite

In this guide, you will come to know why the Dynamo Grenade is the best in Halo Infinite. 

The Dynamo Grenade is extremely useful, and you can use it in various ways. Its crowd control abilities are insane due to its constant AOE damage (it lasts around 3 seconds).

Even barely clipping past an enemy can cause them to take damage and chain lightning to their allies, causing significant shield damage.

It’s more lenient than other grenades due to the nature of its 3-second damage output timer and its bounce and pathing, especially when considering the range it can hit you from.

It’s really good when retreating or if you predict an enemy to come from above. You can bounce it off the wall, and it will catch them as they fall.

The range on the dynamo grenades attack is quite substantial, and it’s hard to tell when on the receiving end due to a proper lack of visuals shown by it. It even moves towards targets once it hits a surface.

It, of course, Emps vehicles as well on its super useful Grenade tick. It also even gives you the ability to make the chopper fly. 

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