The Easiest Way to Farm Emeralds – Minecraft Dungeons

In this guide, you will come to know how to get tons of Emeralds in the Minecraft Dungeons. All you have to do is follow a few steps, and you will be able to get a bunch of Emeralds

You can farm Emeralds in the Minecraft Dungeons very easily. To do this, you must have unlocked the Creepy Crypt mission. You have to complete the Creeper Woods mission to unlock it. Just set the difficulty level according to you and click on Start Mission.  

To complete the mission, you will need to keep following the main path of the map. In the mission, you have to free the villager to complete it.

Now keep moving forward and once you reach there, push the red button and go inside it.

You will find a pedestal there; grab it, and you successfully unlock the Creepy Crypt mission. 

All you need now is a weapon that has Prospector Enchantment. The reason is that it allows you to find more emeralds on the fallen enemies. It will increase chances by 300% when you upgrade it to the maximum. It means if you have two Prospector Enchantments the chances are increased by 600%.

Now you have to go to the Creepy Crypt mission. To find more emeralds, you have to set the difficulty level to maximum. Once you are on the mission, make sure you kill every mob because there’s a high chance to get emeralds from them. You can kill the mobs with any weapon as long as it has a Prospector Enchantment. This mission has a lot of chests and pods that are fully filled with emeralds

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