The Final Trial Quest Guide – Disney Dreamlight Valley

This is a complete Final Trial Quest guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

First, you will need a bunch of purified knife shards, 25 of them. So dig away all the shiny spots and get those night shards.

Then afterward you have to make them into purified night shards. You’ll need 5 dream shards and 25-night shards.

After that, talk to Wall- E and he’s gonna crush it for you.

Then you have to go and talk to Merlin.

So you need some falling water ice heart and 25 mushrooms. You can find the falling water over there on the map, as shown in the image below.

You need to take your watering can out and fill it with falling water.

Now you need to plant this icy tear and water it with falling water. When it’s grown, harvest it and it will give you the ice hearts.

Now the last part of this quest is you need to get some mushrooms.

Take Wally with you to get a forging bonus as you pick them up and make sure to water them, so you can get some extra.

While you’re collecting mushrooms if you’re having trouble getting some you can move your fountain to fast travel from the other side of the river.

After that, you need to craft the enchantment and bring it to Merlin.

He’ll finally upgrade your watering can and you can get rid of those mushrooms blocking the path.

It will also give you a bunch of mushrooms too. After that, you have to go and talk to Merlin.

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