The Forgotten Project Quest Guide – Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first thing you will need to do is find Merlin and talk to him. He’s going to talk about some time capsules.

After that, you need to find a bunch of stuff.

To find the yellow bromeliad flower, go to collections and then go to foraging. It will tell you that you can find it in the sunlit plateau. So go there and find and pick the flowers. This flower is big and yellow.

After that, you need to find pink houseleaks, go foraging and it will tell you it is found in the sunlit plateau. So go there and pick it up.

After that, you’ll need to find white marsh milkweed in the glade of trust.

So go there, find and pick it up. It is bluish.

Then you need to find blue hydrangea. They are found on dazzling beaches.

After picking them up,, the last thing you will need is an empty vile. For that, you need sand and coal to craft glass and then use that glass to craft an empty vile.

So make sure you get sand and some coal on you. Then go ahead and craft an empty vile on the crafting station.

After that, you need to craft an odorous magnificus on the crafting station and bring it to Merlin.

Then you’ll get the time capsule and then you need to open it and after that, you need to talk to Donald.

Then go to the sunlit plateau and find the location of the memory.

After you find the memory you need to talk to Donald and after that, you need to find mickey.

After that, you need the glowing boxes again and use the dream magnifier on them.

Then talk to Donald and give him the wooden crates and it will bring his memories back and your quest is completed.

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