The Grapple is Overpowered in Halo Infinite

This guide will explain why the Grapple is overpowering in Halo Infinite.  

The Grapple shot is extremely versatile and is arguably the best out of the standard equipment currently used in Halo Infinite.

It allows the player to traverse the map from unorthodox angles at insane speeds and get you out of a pinch with ease.

You will need to slide at the end of the grapple (when landing) for even more momentum and speed.

If paired with a close-range power weapon or even just a mangler, the result will be nutty.

It has many other uses that can easily turn the tide of a game, such as allowing very easy hijacks of ground and air vehicles.

You can even grapple objectives to you, specifically the flag, oddball, and power seeds, as well as any weapon on the floor or rack.

You can also use it to save yourself from falling off the map.

You can even do wacky combos like this.

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