The Last Friend – Controls Guide

The Last Friend is a Roguelike Adventure Game where you explore quadrants of a post-apocalyptic future. Humanity is distracted by chaos, destruction, and rampant mutants and the World’s dogs are disappearing. 

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play The Last Friend.


Move ForwardDPress D to Move Forward
Move BackwardAPress A to Move Backward
Change Lane UpWPress W to Change Lane Up
Change Lane DownSPress S to Change Lane Down
Defense ModeTabPress Tab to Defense Mode
Start WaveShiftPress Shift to Start Wave
RecycleQPress Q to Recycle
BuildEPress E to Build
Basic AttackLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Use Basic Attack
Strong AttackRight Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Use Strong Attack
StartEscPress Esc to Start
InfoZPress Z to Open Info
InteractEPress E to Interact


Start WaveL2Press L2 to Start Wave
Defense MenuL1Press L1 to Open Defense Menu
BlockR1Press R1 to Block
Counter AttackR2Press R2 to Counter Attack
MoveLeft Stick or D-PadPress Left Stick or D-Pad to Move
Special MovesRight StickPress Right Stick to Open Special Moves
Basic AttackXPress X to Use Basic Attack
GrabAPress A to Grab
ConfirmBPress B to Confirm
Heavy AttackYPress Y to Use Heavy Attack
MenuMenu ButtonPress Menu Button to Open Menu
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