The Mimic Book 1- Chapter 4 Summary

This guide will provide you with a quick summary of what to see in Book 1 – Chapter 4 in The Mimic. 

The first thing you will need to do is equip the candles.  

You’re inside your house; Mom and Dad are not in the home. You have to go upstairs, go to the room on the left side to get the key.

You can open the dresser for the key. 

Go to the garage door near the stairs.

To get another key, you will need to open the basement.

Ignore this room. 

There will be some creepy Japanese music playing in here. 

You have to get a crowbar behind the crates.

And open up the sesame. 

Crypt feels.

Get the key on top of the crate. 

You have to open the door. There will be a long stairway right after this. 

You enter this dungeon with statues, and you will find some of them are moving.

So you have to face them once you hear the Shaku-like footsteps. They’re afraid of the light.

Just walk until you reach the dead-end and teleport. 

After that, move to the left side, there’s a door, and you’ll get teleported again.

You will arrive at the school in chapter 1, follow the same route you did there. 

Instead of a door, it’s a garage door of another school building.

What you need to do here is collect the dead butterflies.

After that, you will need to hide in the classrooms or lockers. You have to close the lockers. Heartbeat, footsteps, and shaking is a sign; he’s near.

This is him, by the way.

You need to collect two keys downstairs and Key 3 upstairs. Doors to be opened are upstairs.

It is him again, by the way.

Here is the key 1. 

They go up to open this door.

Butterflies are located inside classrooms, restrooms, benches, under tables, and edges of walls, so make sure to look into them.

Once all 15 are collected, you’ll be teleported.

The next thing you have to do is walk straight until you see a ladder.

And this door.

You will need a butterfly spirit for this; it is upstairs. Then make use of this code, you’ll need it later.

And then open up the sesame. 

It is a long hallway. 

You have to enter the code and get the key.

After that, go back to the main entrance and open the locked door across.

You will be teleported there. Now you have to collect six items and burn them in a white flame. After that, you have to hide in the bushes.

Here’s the White flame. 

That’s him, by the way. 

And him again. 

You will need to follow the spirits because the items are with them. 

He is stuck here. 

Once you burn the last one, there will be a cutscene. Get ready to feel important.

Once here, you have to wield the Kusunoki blade and find the seven hearts of Sama and slice them.

It is the last part; it wasn’t difficult because she just showed up once.

Once done, you will get to choose. Save your parents gives you the bad ending, then killing Sama is the good ending.

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