The Mimic Chapter 1 – Hiachi Maze

This guide will let you know how to escape the Hiachi Maze, the first map in The Mimic Chapter 1. You will also learn where she spawns and how you can dodge her. 

First, you will need to pull out your map because the map at the entrance is covered with blood.

Here are 3 paths that you can follow:

1. Key 

2. Spying spot

3. Exit

First, go for the key; make sure that you are the first to enter the maze, and go directly to the key. She isn’t near yet if you move early most of the time, but on rare instances, she respawns near early. You can use your sprint or walk, but make sure you turn up your audio if she respawns early.

Once you get the key, you have to go back to the entrance. At this moment, she’s most probably near, so make sure your sprint is ready and know where you want to go.

She usually is camping here if she’s near. It is recommended to go straight to the entrance without looking.

Hiachi is camping at the exit, so it is risky. You have to go to a “spying spot” from the entrance, where you can camp for a little while and spy on Hiachi, if she’s at the exit. Just follow the map, and don’t waste your sprint.

This image can be your guide that you’re going in the right direction. When you get to this part, make sure she isn’t there and listen carefully; if you can hear footsteps other than yours, back out a little. When you see the second image, go straight and right; the first path you see is the spying spot.

Here you can check if Hiachi is out of the exit or not.

You have to move back and forth a little to trigger her.

And then sprint to the exit as soon as you see her there.

Hurry up because she’s coming back!

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