The Mimic – The Witch Trials Guide

In this guide, you will find some The Mimic, The Witch Trials part 2. You can follow all these tips, and it will help you out for sure. 

The monsters’ paths and turns are randomized.

Here’s a guide map, and steps you need to complete for this part:

  • Get the spirit.
  • Open black blade house.
  • Get the key.
  • Get the black blade. 
  • Offer the black blade.
  • Get the white blade.
  • Offer the white blade.
  • And then exit.

You just have to walk straight from the spawn area until you find two paths ahead and take the left one. The tall lady walks along this path, so make sure it is quiet; walk first, and then sprint near this bush.

Tip: it is always good to know where the monsters are; if you can’t see, you can use your hearing senses and make sure your audio is loud enough for you to determine where they are going.

Take note that in this particular bush, the right side is the only safe part. 

You have to wait for both walking sounds, wait as they fade, and then sprint to the next bush. You do not have to wait too long after hearing them.

Get spirit

The Croc always passes this way; it comes and goes back. So make sure it passes first before going to the next bush, and watch your sprint.

Starting with this bush, wait for Croc to pass first. You have to go if you can’t hear the lady, but it is unlikely since you saw her pass.

After this bush, you should be able to dig for the spirit. Make sure you know where they are by hearing both of them.

You will need to go to Spirit Digsite and click on the hand cursor to dig. While doing this, listen very carefully if their sound comes up. You should determine where the sound comes from, so you will come to which bush you can use to hide.

If you hear lady/croc steps from behind you, you have to move here quickly.

If you hear one of them coming from your front, move here quickly. 

When you’re done, sprint to the bush you were in before. Usually, when they are gone this long, you can still go to this bush.

After that, wait for croc to pass first before proceeding.

The next thing you will need to do is go from bush to bush if it is safe until you reach this bush.

Then listen and find where they both are; it is best if they both pass this way. You will need to do a U-turn, so your goal is to ensure they are not around here.

Open Black Blade House

You have to make sure that the lady and Croc have passed.

If you want to take the risk, you can dig for the key already. But if you are still new and want to be more careful, go to the black blade house.

Get Key

In this part, you should wait for Both of them to come and go back. The paths are random; that is why you should be extra careful here. It is best that the Croc will go back last before you.

This house is safe, so they won’t get you on the porch or inside.

Sometimes, they come back, so be careful and walk from house to key dig site. You have to react fast if you hear a sound.

The distance between the house and the key dig site is a whole fully recharged sprint, so make sure this is ready when you are digging.

Go back to the black blade house to open a locked cabinet with black katana in it.

Offer Black Blade

Again, you will need to wait for both of them to come and go back to this part. The paths are random; that is why you have to be extra careful here. It is best that the Croc will go back last before you .

Just walk first and save sprint. They might come back. You can offer a Black blade by placing your hand on the Katana holder. Right after offering, you have to quickly go out the door on the side where you offer a white blade and slip through the right side.

Make sure you’re on the safe side of this bush.

Get White Blade

From here, you will need to follow the map to get to the white blade house.

From this bush to the white blade house, make sure the lady is not there. She is not always around here, but it is still part of her path, so be careful.

This house is also safe. You have to get the key and open the cabinet.

The next thing you have to do is go back to this bush and make sure the lady is not around.

Go to this bush again; remember the only safe spot is on the right side.

Like before, you need to know where they are before going, but this time, they enter the house and offer a white blade quickly.

Right after offering, you have to quickly go out the door on the side where you offer a white blade and slip through the right side.


Go back safely to this bush if you think it is safe.

Return to the spawn area, and you will find that the chained portal is now opened.

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