The Pacific Standard Job – Finale : GTA Online

This guide will let you know how to complete the GTA online heist finale with the maximum payout, also the elite challenge and aiming for the criminal mastermind challenge.

Before starting the mission, you have to make sure that all crew members have a “Heavy utility vest” saved as a custom outfit.

Step 1

The host must select the heist clothing as “Player saved Outfits” when he sets up the heist to equip all the team members with heavy utility vests.

Step 2

To get the time objective (under 10:15 mins) for the elite challenge, you need to reach the bank using akuma bikes from the eclipse towers apartment.

Step 3

Do not kill any hostages, or the Noose will arrive, preventing you from achieving the elite challenge’s “Noose Not Called” objective.

You will need to grab all the cash to unlock the next checkpoint.

Step 4

The Heavy utility vest will offer you increased protection, but at the same time, it will slow you down. You can jump while moving to make you run slightly faster.

Step 5

Also, you can use RPG to clear the streets faster. Don’t worry about hitting your friends accidentally-friendly fire is disabled during heists.

If you aim at the time objective for the elite challenges, don’t worry about how much money the hacker and the demolition man will drop.

It is the fastest path to get to the dinghy and achieve the time objective for the elite challenges.

Step 6

You have to stick together, ignore all the checkpoints and run as fast as possible. It is the fastest path but not the safest. 

Step 7

You should never try to fall off your bike, but if that happens, warn your friends so they can slow down a bit and quickly get back on the bike. And use the KERS boost to regroup with the rest of the team.

The timer for the elite challenge will stop counting once the last player gets aboard the dinghy.

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