The Poisonous Trail Treasure Location Guide – Red Dead Redemption 2

This guide will let you know how to complete The Poisonous Trail Treasure Map in Red Dead Redemption 2. Walk through the guide, and you will track down the location of each map clue and claim the treasure at the end.

First, you need to find the map located north up in Cairn Lake, as shown in the image below.

You will need to find Gunslinger Stranger quest, located in Valentine, and it is the first one. When you get the photos in your inventory, flip them, and one will lead you to this cabin, as shown in the figure below. 

Get inside his cabin, and you will find a lockbox. Open up this lockbox you will get the first treasure clue.

The first clue will take you to Face Rock; as you can see on the map, it is close to Rhodes. 

After getting there, you will need to find a tree. It will be a dead standing tree, and when you look inside it, you will find a clue.

The next one will now lead you to the “snake” like location on a map near the Van Horn trading post, as shown on the map below. 

When you get to the location, you will find a snake eye in the middle of it, and you will find the next clue, which will take you to the cave system.

The last one is located in the Elysian Pool. as you can see on the map below.

After getting to the location, you will find a waterfall there. You will have to walk under the waterfall to find a cave. Head towards the cave, and after going forward, you will find a drop, then you have to go down with the help of a little rock.

When you reach down, go inside a very tiny hole on your right side. Keep going forward and get out of that tunnel. 

When you get out, you have to go left, and you will find a little edge. Follow that tunnel to the bottom, and you will find the rock, and the treasure is inside that rock. Just collect and get back. 

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