The Sims 4: All Deaths – Guide

This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about all the deaths in The Sims 4. 

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    To make a Sim die from starvation, you will need to have the hunger bar go down all the way. To do this, don’t let the Sim eat any food.

    If the hunger reaches zero, the Sim will die from starvation.


    There are many ways to start a fire in the Sims 4; some are easier than others, most of them are from different packs. The only way to do it with just the base game is through cooking.

    You have to ensure that you do not have any fire alarms or extinguishing systems, and these cause firefighters to spawn or even put out the fire.

    When cooking, there’s always a chance that a fire will start. The chance increases if the stove is of low quality and if the sim’s cooking skill is low.

    If your sim stays in the fire for too long, without extinguishing it, they will die.

    Another, much easier, way to start a fire is to purchase fireworks from the computer and light them indoors; this requires city living.

    One more way is to dry laundry without cleaning the lint tray; this will certainly cause a fire to start. It requires a laundry Day stuff pack.


    Drowning works similarly to starvation. To drown a Sim, they need to be swimming while the energy need reaches zero.

    To do this, you simply have to lock the Sim in the pool with a fence.

    Now you can have them swim around until the energy bar is empty.

    When the energy reaches zero, your sim will drown.

    This death also works in the ocean, if you have island living.

    It also works with the ponds that came with getting famous.

    For this to work, you need to fill the pond with any fish and do the “Play” or “Jump in” interaction; if you do, there’s a chance that the Sim will die.


    To electrocute a Sim, you need to have a broken electronic object, a TV. For example, these break easier if they are cheaper.

    Have the sim try to repair the object they have a higher chance of failing if their handiness skill is low.

    If they fail, they’ll get the “Seriously Fried” moodlet for about 3 hours.

    If the Sim tries to repair the object again before the modlet expires, they will die.


    To have a Sim die from anger, they need to have a total of 7 or more angry moddlet points, and it will make them Enraged.

    Ways to make a sim angry are the Hot-Headed trait.

    You are being mean to other sims.

    Angry emotional auras are viewing angry paintings.

    And they are being cheated.

    If your Sim stays enraged for long enough, they’ll die.


    Having your Sim die of laughter requires at least 15 playful moodlet points; this will make them Hysterical.

    It might seem like a lot, but a thing a remember is that any happy moodlet will boost the total amount of playful points your Sim has if the Sim is feeling Playful.

    Ways to make a sim playful are the Goofball trait.

    Playful emotional auras are viewing playful paintings.

    Having a bubble bath.

    Being Funny and telling jokes.

    And watch Comedy.

    If the sim stays Hysterical for long enough, they’ll die.


    To kill a Sim from embarrassment, they’ll need at least seven embarrassed moodlet points. It will make them Mortified.

    Ways to make a Sim embarrassed are having them pee themself.

    Having them walk in on someone when they’re using the toilet or shower.

    And having a proposal rejected.

    After being Mortified for long enough, the sim will die.


    With only the base game, this death is only available for elders, but if you Discover University, younger sims can die from it.

    Elders can die from overexertion by exercising and WooHooing.

    These interactions will give them the “Dangerously Tired” moodlet.

    They will die if the sim exercises or WooHoos again before the moodlet expires.

    It is recommended to do WooHoo rather than exercising since sims can’t exercise if they’re too uncomfortable.

    The other way to do this requires the research machine from Discover university. Your Sim needs to have a high enough level of any skill to transfer the knowledge of that skill to the machine.

    Doing this for too long will give your sim the “Mentally Drained” moodlet.

    If your Sim tries to transfer even more knowledge to the machine before the moddlet expires they will die.

    Old Age

    The old-age death requires your elder Sim to have lived a certain amount of days; how many depends on your settings.

    After that has happened, you’ll at some point get a notification letting you know that your sim will die soon.

    The time it takes for the Sim to die, from the point that the age bar started sparkling, can vary, but at some point, the Sim will stop whatever they’re doing to die.


    To get the cowplant, You first need to obtain the cowplant berry. You can get it from fishing, but there are other methods, like splicing; the big park in Oasis springs is a good location for catching the berry.

    Now you have to plant the berry and wait for it to grow.

    When the cowplant is grown, you must not feed it for about a day. After that, the cowplant will stick out its tongue.

    Now you need to select the “Eat Cake” interaction. The cowplant will throw the Sim up again; this will give them an uncomfortable moodlet.

    The cowplant will stick out its tongue again if you wait another day. Your Sim needs to try to eat the cake before this moodlet expires.

    This time they will die.


    You will need to make sure that your Sim has no way to get out of the sauna by removing or locking the door.

    Now it’s time for your sim to start relaxing.

    They will become happier and happier the more time they spend in the sauna.

    If they relax even more, after the third happy moodlet, they will become uncomfortable instead.

    By relaxing for even longer, the sim will die.


    For this death, you need to find a Japanese food stall. You could look for one in San Myshuno, but just buying one is recommended.

    Now you can hire a vendor, which will show up on your lot and stat taking orders.

    Now, order the Pufferfish Nigiri and have your Sim eat it.

    After that, you’ll receive this notification which tells you that they have learned the recipe.

    Now your Sim has to cook the meal themself and try to make it of poor quality low cooking skill helps.

    If the Sim eats it, there’s a chance that they will die. It helps if they’re in a bad mood; if the Sim survives, grab another plate. 


    For this death, your sim needs to be a vampire.

    This death is very simple; it has a vampire stand outside during the daytime. It needs not be cloudy or raining; the vampire can’t hold on to the umbrella.

    The vampire energy will start to drop once your vampire is exposed to the sun.

    If the vampire Energy reaches zero, this moodlet will appear.

    By staying in the sun for even longer, the vampire will die.

    Old Age (Pets)

    This death works the same way as the regular old-age death, but you can not see the age bar here since pets don’t have any accessible UI.

    There’s no notification this time. The pet will die a few days after becoming an elder (how many depends on your settings). 

    The death of a cat looks like this.

    And here’s the death of a big dog.


    For this death to happen, you need to make it to the temple in Selva dorado.

    You will need to cut through the vines with a machete (You can find them for sale at the lazza). 

    When you have made it to the temple, it’s time to enter it.

    There will be different puzzles in the temple for you to solve, and you can solve them to unlock different temple parts.

    If you pick the wrong options (which you want to do), there will be various consequences;

    One of them is a poisoned dart shot at your Sim.

    It will make them have green spots all over their body.

    It is the moodlet they will get.

    The Sim could recover from this, but it could also turn into a disease.

    If it gets worse, they will get this moodlet for two days.

    If the moodlet expires, the disease will progress, and they’ll get this moodlet.

    If that moodlet expires without a cure, your Sim will die.

    Turning into Bone Pile

    For this death, you again need to visit the temple in Selvadorada.

    Now, wait until a skeleton shows up.

    Now your Sim needs to learn the skeleton joke.

    The skeleton will show off some moves, and then your Sim will learn how to do it themself.

    Now, you need to tell the joke to the skeleton three times in a row.

    The third time your sim tells the joke, the skeleton will die.

    Rabid Rodent Fever

    You will need a rodent cage (any of them will work) and rodents for this death.

    You need to avoid cleaning the cage completely; being mean to the rodent is also helpful.

    The Sim needs to “Play” with the rodent and get bitten, it may take several attempts, but it should be easy to do.

    However, this moodlet will appear after a bite; it doesn’t mean that the Sim is infected.

    After a few hours, the Sim may or may not get the disease; this notification will let you know.

    If they get the disease, this moodlet will appear.

    When it expires, it will replace this moodlet.

    And after that moodlet expires, it will be replaced by this moodlet.

    When that final moodlet expires, the sim will die.


    There are a few ways to expose your sim to hot weather, or a heatwave is a good start.

    Wearing clothes intended for cold weather is also extremely helpful.

    If it’s not that hot outside, your sim could light up a fireplace and use that instead.

    This moodlet appears when your sim is starting to overheat.

    When it expires, this moodlet will replace it.

    After just a little more time in the heat, your sim will die.


    The things from previous death also apply to this one. But instead of heat, your Sim needs to be exposed to cold.

    Cold or freezing are optimal temperatures, and clothes intended for hot weather are recommended.

    Your sim will get this moodlet when they are starting to freeze.

    When it expires, it will be replaced by this moodlet, and your sims’ skin will turn blue.

    After a little more time in the cold, your sim will freeze to death.


    For this death, your sim needs to be outside during a thunderstorm.

    When they are, there’s always a chance they’ll get stuck. However, multiple strikes are required for them to die.

    The first strike will give them this moodlet.

    After the second strike, your sim will become hypercharged, and their eyes will light up.

    They will get this moodlet and be able to summon lightning anywhere.

    Now your sim needs at least one more strike to die, It may work with just one, but that’s if you’re lucky Since it’s not guaranteed to work 100% of the time.

    When it does work, however, it will look something like this.


    The first thing to do is make sure that your Sim has at least level 7 in the flower arranging skill.

    You will also need a death flower. 

    You can get those from grafting. 

    Then you can start making any flower arrangement.

    Then, choose the interaction “Scent with rare flower” and pick the dead flower; when that’s done, Your arrangement will start smoking like this.

    Then, pick an elder Sim, select “Friendly,” “Give a gift,” and “Give flower arrangement gift,” and give them your flower arrangements.

    If the Sim isn’t elder, they will age up when you give them the flowers.

    The animation and music are the same as in “Overexertion,” but the game sees the deaths as their own.

    Mother Plant

    You can use the “StrangerVille Mystery” aspiration for guidance to complete all the tasks until you get the hazmat suit, key card, etc., but do not recruit any sims to help you.

    After that, you need to swipe open all the doors at the lab, with the hazmat suit on; the last door, surrounded by these “Strange plants,” will reveal the mother plant.

    From now on, this will be very easy; just attempt to fight the mother plant alone. The first time, your sim will fail but survive.

    That will give them this moodlet.

    Now, attempt to fight her again, and the Sim will die.

    Shark Attack

    The first thing you will need to do is have your Sim swim in the ocean, where the water is deep. Then you need to wait until a shark appears.

    Every time a shark appears, this will happen  instead.

    This moodlet appears when a shark does, but another shark appearing before the moodlet expires will not help you either.

    Sometimes the Sim can get “stuck in the current’, but that’s not the thing that people are talking about.

    That would give you this moodlet instead, which is not the one we’re looking for.

    Spellcaster Overload

    For this death, your Sim needs to be a spellcaster.

    Every Spellcaster has a charge meter that tells you how likely your Sim is to have an overload (empty means that it’s not likely or all). 

    When it’s full, it looks like this.

    You increase the charge by casting spells; some increase it more than others.

    If your Sim casts spells with a full charge meter, they are very likely to have an overload. They won’t die from it the first time.

    They will instead get this moodlet.

    If your Sim casts another spell before the moodlet expires, they will most likely die from it.

    Catastrophic Meltdown

    For this death, your Sim needs to be a servo.

    Every servo has a durability bar, which tells you how close it is to breaking down.

    The durability goes down by itself, but you can speed up the process by drinking water, Showering, Swimming, Etc.

    When the durability reaches zero, the servo will start to break down.

    The servo will have this “interaction” going on when it’s breaking down, letting you know how much time you have left before it breaks completely.

    If you don’t repair the servo in time, it will die.

    Murphy Bed

    The murphy bed death occurs when the bed is malfunctioning, which can randomly happen when your Sim puts it down.

    It’s pretty straightforward; just put the bed down and up over and over until it malfunctions.

    Sometimes, the Sim will still survive even if the bed crushes them, but then you have to try again.

    Eventually, you will end up with a malfunction that kills them.


    You need to activate the “reduce and recycle” lot challenge for this death even to be possible.

    Then you’ll need either a dumpster or an outdoor trash can.

    Now, keep putting trash in the dumpster (or trash cash) until it’s overfull.

    It is how it will look.

    After some time, roaches will appear.

    And after some more time, flies will appear (it takes about a day). 

    Now it’s time to either “Bond with Flies” or “Try to clear Flies”, This will probably take you many attempts; this death is very rare.

    Nothing will happen most of the time, and then you will have to wait for the flies to respawn and try again. That’s why you should have multiple dumpsters.

    The low hygiene might help make this easier and the “slob” trait.

    Sooner or later, the Sim will die, though.

    Beetle Juice

    You need to have a bar and an insect farm for this death.

    Also, Your sim needs to have level 10 of the mixology skill to make beetle juice.

    Now you need to take care of the beetles until they are ready to be harvested. You will get beetle Nuggets when you harvest, which you need to make the drink.

    You need a total of 3 beetle nuggets, so you may need to harvest twice.

    Now you need to make three glasses of beetle juice.

    Now, have your sim drink them all, one after another.

    After drinking two of them, Your sim will get this moodlet; you have to make sure they drink the third one before it expires.

    If they do, they will immediately become a ghost.


    First, make sure that your Sim has at least level 6 of the rock climbing skill (Preferably not any higher since that makes it harder for your Sim to die). 

    After that, plan a social event, and choose a mountain climb excursion.

    Then, you need to progress through the mission until you get to this climbing wall (You get there when you have pressed “Move On” twice). 

    Now, get to it and start climbing! Most of the time, your Sim will fall immediately (which they can’t die from); just start over when that happens.

    For your Sim to die, they need to fall from anywhere higher than the middle of the wall. A blizzard will help make them fall if they get there.

    If you give it several attempts, your Sim wil eventually fall to its death.

    Here’s the death from another perspective.

    Vending Machine

    First, either look up a vending machine in Mt, Komorebi or buy one from build/buy mode.

    You will need to purchase items from the vending machine until one gets stuck, then shake the vending machine.

    Then you have to continue shaking, Purchasing new items, shaking, etc., Until the Sim pulls over the vending machine so that it crushes them to death.

    With enough tries, it will work eventually.

    Killer Rabbit

    You’ll need to find a wild rabbit for this death and start doing mean interactions with it.

    The worse relationship your sim has with it, the easier it will be to get it to kill them.

    It should only take you a few attempts; it’s very easy once the rabbit’s mad at the Sim.

    Killer chicken

    This one works the same way as the previous one, but it’s a lot harder to do if you haven’t given the chicken a midnight treat to make it an “Evil chicken” those are not common.

    If you’re going for the midnight treat approach, you can find them at Agnes,’ garden stall as rewards from this finch wick fair or as gifts from rabbits and birds.

    Once you have your midnight treat, it’s time to purchase a chicken coop and a chicken.

    Now, feed them the midnight treat.

    If you’re mean to the chicken now, it shouldn’t kill the Sim; it will just run indie its coop.

    Your Sim will then get this moodlet.

    You have to call out the chicken again and be mean one more time before the moodlet expires.

    Old Age (Livestock)

    It works for llamas, cows and chickens. Different animals have different lifespans, chickens having the shortest and cows and llamas having the longest.

    This one works the same as the other “old age” deaths; the animal grows old until it dies.

    And after about a day or two, one more notification will tell you that it’s finally happening.

    Then the Grim Reaper will appear and start the reaping process.

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