The Smurfs – Mission Vileaf – Controls Guide

The Smurfs mission is to save the forest from the VILEAF, a plant that produces “VILETRAP” seeds that will trap and imprison them. The VILETRAP plants are also a great danger to the forest because of their toxic nature. 

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play The Smurfs – Mission Vileaf.


MovementW A S DPress W A S D to Move
Jump / SmurfhoverSpacebarPress Spacebar to Jump / Smurfhover
SmurfsprintCtrlPress Ctrl to Smurfsprint
HealLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Heal
ExpelLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Expel
Draw InRight Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Draw In
InteractEPress E to Interact
SmurfplantEPress E to Smurfplant
StrafeAltPress Alt to Strafe
Run/WalkShiftPress Shift to Run/Walk
Show InformationTabPress Tab to Show Information


ShockwaveLTPress LT to Shockwave
Move / UnhookLeft StickPress Left Stick to Move / Unhook
Use EmoticonsD-PadPress D-Pad to Use Emoticons
Return to Single Player ModeView ButtonPress View Button to Return to Single Player Mode
HealRTPress RT to Heal
AnchorYPress Y to Anchor
Jump / Hover (Hold) / Join in Coop ModeAPress A to Jump / Hover (Hold) / Join in Coop Mode
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