The Superdollar Deal SOLO Guide – GTA 5 Online

In this guide, you will come to know how to complete the Super Dollar Deal mission in GTA 5 Online. You have to follow all the instructions carefully to complete it. 

The first prep mission is Track and device mission, where you will need to drive to Fort Zancudo. When you get there, you have to get inside the hanger, and you will find the forces there who will spot you and start shooting at you, as shown in the image below.

You have to take photos of the tracking device on the right side of the hanger and then plant the tracker on the transporter. After placing the tracker, you must kill all the enemies and use the cargo bob to get out from the hanger. The cargo bob helicopter is on the left side of the hanger.

When you leave Fort Zancudo and clear the wanted level, it will complete your mission, and you will receive the notification on the screen, as shown in the image below.  

The next mission will be Planning Work in which you will need to locate a hacker; there will be two locations where you can find the hacker. The first location you have to go to is Burger shots, and if you don’t see the hacker there, then you need to go to the Upper Edison Burger shop, as shown in the image below 

When you find the hacker, he will be leaning up against the wall outside the burger shop with his phone; you have to follow him. When he gets into his house, you need to go inside and shoot all the enemies and the hacker and steal his virus software USB stick located on the table.

After that, exit his house and go back to the auto shop, where you have to deliver the Virus software to complete your mission.

For the final mission, “The Superdollar Deal”, you first have to select the weapon loadout to sharpshooter because of the sticky bombs. The sticky bombs will help you a lot during this mission.

So now you need to equip the bulletproof car and start chasing the moving truck on the west highway. When you find the MLC truck, you need to plant the sticky bombs on it; guards will shoot you when you are closer to the truck, as shown in the image below. 

Once the transporter has stopped, you have to go inside from the back of the transporter. Once you are inside, you need to kill the guards. You need to search the crates, loot all four of them, and exit the transporter, as shown in the image below.

Get in the car and go back to the client; when you get there, you need to hand over the plates to the client, and it will complete your final mission.

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