The Ultimate Beginner Guide – Toram Online

If you are a new player in Toram, then this guide will provide you with ultimate tips and methods. You can follow them to make great progress in the game.

Sword is good when you are just starting up, weapon atk makes the most out of its damage so you can still deal much even with low STR.

Bow is a more safer and easy to use weapon, with the range of 10m you can avoid AOE attacks and gain mana without doing much effort. Knuckle can also be good in your early days because you get speed and ATK in the first stat distribution bar which will keep you out of that 1~2 seconds delay.

Choosing other weapons is perfectly fine too, you can go with the sword. If this is your 2nd character, always go for the down option.

First you might need to have a mercenary by your side doing the very first main quest.

You can hire a mercenary from your added friends or from guild mercenaries. Now you just need to complete the first few main quests so you can get out of the city and head back into the next things. After completing the few quests, head to Nisel Mountain and grind up some levels.

Sofya City>Rakau Plains>Temple Town>Icule Lake>Nisel Mountain. Climb on top and ask to join a party for faster leveling.

It’s best to switch to International 1 server if you don’t see anyone sending you an invite. It will be too hard to level up after reaching a certain level so you just get enough with that. Save these items and sell them for a decent price at the consignment board.

Usually you will need to set the prices the same as what’s listed on top for a quick sell. Task about 3 minutes to get your items listed and a few more minutes to get them sold out.

The boss at Ruined Temple that unlocks after a few more quests, can be a very reliable spina source.

Although, you can still get spina from Nisel Mountain but this one seems significantly better. The skins are easily obtainable and many parties are actively farming here. A 1 hour grind could be just as much as you need to get decent equipment.

So now you have enough spina to buy a good set of equipment. What you should be looking for is a refined high ATK weapon that is cheap.

For armour, you will have a flat high def for now. If there’s one with critical rate 10+ stat, buy it.

You need a high critical rate so you never miss and your damage is multiplied by 1.3+.

Talisman for more MP bars.

Attach these crystals to your slotted gears. Now let’s equip everything we bought off CB.

Learning skills should be followed by a specific capped build, so you don’t have to reset them later.

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