The Witch Trials Tricks and Tips – The Mimic

This guide will provide you with tips, and tricks for the Futaomote part (last part) in The Mimic – The Witch Trials

You will get 2 spirits from 2 ghost twins, called Futaomote. You have to use the safe houses to stay safe, turn on pillars, and burn spirits to open the exit.

If you hear loud “sword dragging”, laughter and heartbeat sounds, do not attempt to go to the next safe house or go out.

First, you will need to go to the left side to activate one pillar. You can turn all of them on first, then try 2 across, and then one by one.

Activate 1st pillar 

You have to get 2 spirits, activate the 2nd pillar, and burn spirits.  

Go to the exit, and then go back to the entrance.

Now, you will need to go right and go to the safe house where they often pass. There, you can trap them and take the 2 spirits.

Safehouse is where you can get the spirits.

Trapping them:

There is a trick; you will need to position yourself exactly like this, look down to the lowest level you can go. Your arms should be slightly visible and slightly hidden, and you should wield your lantern.

If they pass, and it doesn’t work, you have to adjust yourself or your position more.

Now, wait for them to come close and take their spirits, back out slowly and take the corrupted spirit.

The one with the spear has the corrupted spirit.

You will need to wait for it to move away and do the trick again for the one with the samurai sword. Take spirit, and wait for her to go away.

Activate the 1st pillar, and get 2 spirits. 

Activate 2nd pillar 

You will need to burn the spirits and go to the exit. You have to go to the next pillar to open the seal where you can burn the spirits. Be more careful because you are already carrying the spirits.

At this point, you have to wait for one of them to come out from the right side.

Now you have to activate pillar 2.  

Burn the spirits, and go to the exit. You will find that a cave to burn spirits is opened!

The left cave is where you burn the spirits and then exit from the right cave, but it is still closed.

Now you will need to burn the corrupted spirit and the normal spirit as well. 

And then make your way to the Exit. 

Go to the door, and teleport back to the entrance. Go back to the cave, move right, and go the same way as before.

Try this trick one more time, and you are done. 

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