Things You Didn’t Know About Cake in Minecraft

This guide will find 12 things you didn’t know about cake. 

The cake will always orient itself in the same direction. You’ll always be eating off the west side of the cake. 

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    The cake has a really interesting backstory. It was added following the model 2010 indie of the year awards; it was a competition for indie games, where Minecraft competed.

    The Quest for Cake

    Notch, the creator of the game, really wanted it to win. Notch agreed to add cake to Minecraft if it won the competition. It led to a campaign called “the Quest for cake”. Minecraft ended up winning 3/7 awards, and the cake was added. 


    Now back to the present for the next fun fact. The icing on the cake indicates how many slices are left. The cake hasn’t always had the same amount of slices. 


    From 1.2 to 1.7, the cake had only six slices for you to enjoy, and from 1.3 to 1.7, this was the final big slice. From 1.8 and forward, this has been two slices, which is why you can eat half of it. 

    Can’t Stack

    The cake is one of the few food items you can’t stack. 


    The farmer’s villager has cake as a selling option. An emerald for a cake, what a deal. 

    Block Wide

    The cake is not block-wide; it’s 7/8’s of a block. You can stand on the block below the cake. 


    If you’re hungry enough, you can create a cake staircase. It takes advantage of the different cake sizes. With each cake slightly smaller, you can jump from one to another. It allows for some extremely steep stairs. 

    You’ll only need a width of 15 cakes to reach a height of 100. 

    Beta 1.8

    Until beta 1.8, the cake restored health instead of hunger. It was the case for all food items, as the hunger bar didn’t exist yet. 


    Minecraft used to have achievements, not advancements. Crafting a cake gave an achievement called “the lie”. The name is a reference to the video game ‘Portal’. It used to be a fun little easter egg; now it’s gone. 

    Gravity-affected Blocks

    You can use the cake can to break gravity-affected blocks. It’s not the cheapest tool, though; you could use a torch. There’s no way to pick up a cake you’ve placed. Even tools with a silk touch leave you disappointed. 


    Cake has a cool interaction with comparators. A whole cake outputs a strong signal. Let’s take some damage to get hungry. Once you start eating the cake, the signal becomes weaker. And of course, when the cake is gone, the signal dies too. Cake and wool make the same sounds.

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