Things You Didn’t Know About Creepers in Minecraft

This guide will provide you with 15 things you didn’t know about Creepers in Minecraft.

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    As a spectator, you can enter the head of a creeper; the world will become green and slightly more pixelated. That’s how creepers see the world around them.


    Developers created the creeper model accidentally. Notch was trying to create the pig; he accidentally rotated the body the way the creeper model was born.


    You can force a creeper to go off using flint and steel, which is similar to setting off TNT.


    If a creeper gets struck by lightning, it becomes charged, and it gets an excellent electric effect, as you can see.


    The explosion from a charged creeper is much stronger; it deals more damage and has a larger radius.


    If you try to make a charged creeper invisible, the electric effect will remain. You can use it to create some ghost-like mobs.


    Creepers have a weakness; they’re scared of cats, so they avoid cats at all costs. Overriding their hostile behavior makes cats useful. Placing cats around your base will keep the creepers away.


    The creeper has become the most recognized Minecraft icon. Creeper faces are on most Minecraft-related items, especially merchandise, now a million-dollar business.


    In update 1.4, creeper makes it into the logo, and its face is a part of the ‘A’.


    If a skeleton shoots a creeper, it will drop a unique item. It’s a random music disc; this also works with strays.


    The creeper can drop an even rarer item through the Creeper head. You must kill it by a charged creeper to get it.


    If a creeper explodes on a slab, it will destroy nothing but the slab.


    The creeper originally had a much darker texture. In 2009, it gets changed to the one you know and love, and the texture hasn’t changed since.


    Creepers used to drop sulfur upon death; this isn’t as interesting as it sounds. That was just the name of gunpowder at the time.


    Notch is the original creator of Minecraft. According to a notch, creepers are made of leaves. Notch meant to camouflage the creeper with its texture, and they used to match grass with a similar bright texture better. Notch isn’t quite sure why they explode, though.

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