Things You Didn’t Know About Crossbows in Minecraft

This guide will provide you with 14 things you didn’t know about Crossbows. 

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    Crossbows are similar to bows but take longer to charge. However, it’s more powerful and shoots farther.


    Pillagers have an 8.5% chance of dropping a crossbow. On average, you have to take down between 11 and 12 to get one.

    Firework Rockets

    You can use the crossbow as fuel. However, it’s terrible. You can cook about 1 item per crossbow.


    You can use the crossbow as fuel. However, it’s absolutely terrible. You can cook about 1 item per crossbow.


    The crossbow has 3 unique enchantments. These are multishot, piercing, and quick charge. The fierce enchantment is useful.


    Arrows will pass through mobs. It means you can hit multiple mobs at a time. The level affects how many mobs an arrow can go through.

    Quick Charge

    The quick charge enchantment makes it charge quicker. It makes the crossbow feel more like the regular brown. 


    Multishot is cool. Your crossbow will start firing 3 projectiles instead of 1!

    It’s way cooler than it’s useful. It’s really good if you have poor aim. Each shot only consumes 1 arrow despite firing 3. Because of this, only one of the arrows can be picked up. It also means you can hit multiple mobs at the same time.

    Multishot Fireworks

    The multishot enchantment also works with fireworks. It still only takes 1 rocket to fire 3. It can be really useful in PVP, as it absorbs vision.

    Finding Crossbow

    There is a way of finding crossbows that do not involve taking down pillagers. I guess it will this time. Exactly 50% of pillage outpost chests contain crossbows.

    Quick Charge VI

    Crossbows with quick charge VI are very special. To recharge a crossbow, the game starts a counter that counts down. When the counter reaches ‘0’ the crossbow is recharged. However, with quick charge VI, the charge time becomes negative. 

    It confuses the game a lot, resulting in some weird behavior. Trying to charge the crossbow, it will seem stuck mid-animation. However, the game is still counting down, but away from ‘0’. You’d think the crossbow never recharges, but it does. It is because the counter loops back around after the negative value become too large, cueing to overflow. It will take 69.4 real-life years to recharge. Not quite a quick charge if you ask me.Charged in the Inventory

    Charged in the Inventory

    One of the perks of the crossbow is that you can keep it charged in the inventory. It means you can pull off some crazy tricks. You can fire a huge volley of arrows if you charge up a bunch of crossbows. I’m not that good at it, but the damage potential is extreme. A fully charged crossbow deals 11 damage.


    A Hotbar of crossbows will deal 99 damage if you have the dexterity or macros to fire a whole inventory. You can deal 396 damage in seconds. That’s enough to kill the wither or the ender dragon.

    Attack on Endermen

    It’s impossible to attack endermen at range. They teleport away when you try. Until now, Endermen don’t recognize rockets as projectiles. Therefore, you can damage them with a crossbow if you can aim.

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