Things You Didn’t Know About Emeralds in Minecraft

This guide will provide you with eight things you didn’t know about Emeralds in Minecraft. 

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    What was the unused item that emeralds replaced years ago?


    There are way more ways to get emeralds than people realise. You can obtained them by mining, trading with villagers, looting chests or killing vindicators and evokers.


    However, emerald is the rarest over welder block, and it only spawns in veins of 1 in mountain biomes, so you have to use a fortune three pickaxe to get up to 4 from each ore.


    But most surprisingly, you can get them from foxes. 5% of them spawn with an emerald in their mouth, and if you drop their food, they’ll give it to you. Foxes also have a small chance to drop an emerald on death, but these things are too cute to kill. When diamonds were added in the alpha stage of Minecraft, they were referred to as emeralds.


    Trading first came in 2012; you couldn’t use emeralds at that time. Instead, they used rubies; you can even still use the ruby texture if you want, as the texture is still in the game files.


    Mojang eventually decided to use emeralds instead. It was because dinner bone is color blind and thought Redstone and ruby ore looked the same.


    There are a couple of game achievements you can get by trading. One for trading 30 emeralds with villagers and buying 1000 emeralds off villagers. You’d have to trade around 32,000 sticks or 15,000 coal. There is a way to get these prices down, though. After defeating a raid by defending a village from villagers, you get an effect called the village’s hero. It decreases the prices of trades by up to 55%.


    You can unlock an ender pearl trade if you trade with the purple-coated villagers enough. It is beneficial for getting to the end as you don’t have to kill that pesky enderman.


    You can use emerald blocks to build beacons too. It takes 164 blocks, though, so you’ll be trading for a while.

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