Things You Didn’t Know About Honey in Minecraft

In this guide, you will find out ten things you didn’t know about Honey in Minecraft. 

Table of Contents

    Honey Items

    Honey comes in items. There’s a honeycomb, honey bottles, a honeymoon block, and a honey block. This guide will focus on honey stuff and honeycomb stuff. 

    Honey Bottles

    You can obtain honey bottles using glass bottles. Just right-click a beehive or bee nest. The hive or nest has to be flipping with honey already. It usually aggravates the bees inside. 


    However, smoking the rest or hive keeps the bees inside. You can do this by placing a campfire underneath. 

    A Balanced Diet

    Honey bottles are part of another advancement, The ‘A balanced Diet’ advancement. You have to eat pretty much every edible item in the game. It includes drinking from honey bottles, which also has unique sound effects. 

    Remove Poison Effects

    Drinking from honey bottles removes all poison effects. The Honey Bottle Texture is very similar to potion bottles. However, it’s two pixels more full. 

    Honey Block

    You can use honey bottles in two crafting recipes. A square of them makes a honey block. You get the empty bottles back after you craft. 

    Three Sugar

    You can craft a single honey bottle into three sugar. Four empty bottles and a honey block will give you four bottles of honey. 


    That was honey bottles, but what’s interesting about honeycomb? You get honeycomb by shearing nests or hives. If it’s dripping with honey, it will drop three honeycombs. 


    You can also use Honeycomb to create more beehives.

    Honeycomb Block

    Combine the honeycomb with any wood. You can also craft the honeycomb block. It has a very distinct texture you might have a use for. It’s Purely decorative. You can’t use it as compact storage as the honeycomb block can’t be crafted back into honeycombs.

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