Things You Didn’t Know About Minecarts

This guide will provide you with the nine things that you didn’t know about minecarts in Minecraft. 

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    It’s not just the player that can destroy mincecarts, cactus blocks, lava, fire and anvils can do this as well.


    While the minecart texture has wheels, the model does not. Minecarts are floating above the rails as if that wasn’t weird enough; the rails float above the ground too.


    Minecarts have a predefined speed limit of 8 blocks per second per axis of travel, and it means that they can move diagonally up and forward precisely as fast as just forward. Minecarts traveling in diagonal directions will travel much faster than those who don’t.


    You can move from minecart to minecart without ever actively leaving a minecart; it can be exploited for super-fast transportation if done the right way. It’s speedy once you master it, but it’s costly to set up.


    You can destroy minecarts by shooting them with a bow and arrow. You can use it to trigger mechanisms at a distance.


    Originally, the minecart had a different placeholder texture for the item itself. However, the actual minecarts looked mostly like they do today. At that time, you couldn’t travel in them; their only purpose was to store things in, like a chest on wheels.


    In the infidel versions of Minecraft, minecarts had a different texture. The textures of the old minecarts would change depending on the number of items stored inside. With no items inside, they would look like minecarts you have today. As more items added, the brown texture would gradually appear. 

    The brown texture used in the infidel versions can still be seen; it’s hidden underneath other textures on the minecarts. To see it, get your vision inside the bottom bit of the minecart, and it’s easiest to do in spectator mode.


    Before the powered rails, players used booster systems. These systems depended on bugs that caused two minecarts to push each other in the same direction. The making of these systems became a science much like Redstone is today.


    When landing from a very long fall, sitting in a minecart can kill you. However, you can survive what would usually be a fatal fall if you are sitting in a minecart. All you need to do is exit the minecart just before you land on the ground.

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